The main communications with the inside part of the massif can be seen on the surface. From left to right: entrance to the cave, cavern, lapies, doline and part of
a river.

These phenomena can be easily observed at Cabrespine. Near the village, we can see the original entrance to Le Gaougnas. Under the car park of the Gouffre Géant, we can find a beautiful doline and, a few steps from there, we can view Barrenc, a magnificent open-air cavern beeing as deep as Padirac.

At the heart of the mountain, subterranean waters percolate through fissures, penetrate, dig, pierce, wear away and make their way through the limestone mass and sink.
Fossil systems, meanders, vertical wells often followed by the underground river,
Waterfalls, sumps, chambers, gourds, lakes and resurgence – all these phenomena are present in Cabrespine cave.